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On our Customer Service, Robert GatorJ., (via E-mail)
"That is great about the performance exchange program.  Nice to know that one is not "stuck" with an incorrect prop. Everything I have seen and heard (first hand and on forums) all speak highly of Prop Tech's product, performance and customer service.  So far I am definately a believer.  I really appreciate your help and input.  I cant wait to give that SCD a try." 

SCD4R15PYM90, Hewes 16 Redfisher, Yamaha 90 2-stroke

On our Propellers - Bryan C. from the internet
"Just wanted to let you guys at PowerTech! know that I thought Yamaha made a good prop for my VMax 200, but you guys really have proven me wrong!!!! I would love to have some shirts,hats,sweatshirts to let everyone know who is pushing my boat. Keep up the good work because you guys have my business & my Tournment buddies will surely have a PowerTech! pushing them along soon too."

PowerTech! propeller, Yamaha 200 Vmax

SWC4 - Lee L., SC
"Had a chance to run the swc4 this weekend and can't be happier. Have not tried to run it across a golf course yet but wanted you to know it performs exactly as I had hoped. Thanks!"

SWC4R10PYS50, ECC Lostmen skiff, Honda 50

SCD4 - Brad S., (via E-mail)
"I ran my new four blade SCD 17 pitch this weekend. Ran 41 MPH with one person and three quarter fuel, came on plan a whole lot better loaded with four men. Great prop though, performed magic on this boat hull. Thanks for all you help, I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends."

SCD4R17PYM90, Pathfinder 2000v, Yamaha F115

OFS4 - Daniel A, USCG AUX, NC
“I spoke to Jeff (at PowerTech!) about the boat's performance and inquired as to how a different propeller might make an improvement. Jeff took all the data I had, boat specs and engine performance with the original prop, and calculated exactly what prop might improve our situation. …the boat's observed "no-wake" speed increased (surprise to us) from 6-7 MPH up (and 3.6 mpg) to 8-9 MPH (and 7.4 mpg).  …”holeshot” from idle speed to 30 MPH…is at least 50% faster…at 2000 rpm is 49% faster with 46% better MPG, and at 3500 rpm is 17% faster with 26% better MPG…optimum cruising MPG increase of 12%. In summary, we are very impressed with the PowerTech prop, the technical advice that came from Jeff and the real time follow up service I got every time I called. (I'd never even put on a new prop before...they made it easy for me). Most impressive is the performance of the prop; I predict it will pay for itself in fuel savings in just this year’s boating season and it will always give the boat a new level of performance.  Thanks for doin it right!" 

OFS4R16PCLY200, 2007 Pursuit OS235, Yamaha F250

MQS4 - Randy T., (via E-mail)
"Sorry this took so long to respond, but I did purchase that prop and OMG, what a beauty!!! It did everything well and I can’t thank you enough for being so patient and helping me along the way."

MQS4R20PCLM200, Tracker Tahoe 19.5, Mercruiser 4.3l / 190hp 


SRD3 - Mike D., (via E-mail)
"Let me tell you it will scare the average person.  The boat is moving!  I'm probably over thinking it as I rarely run the boat WOT anyway.  I just couldn't help it with the big grin on my face."

SRD3R15PYS50, Mitzi Skiff 17, Suzuki DF60

On our Customer Service - Bob C., FL
"...you know how you could make more money than selling props? Teach the other marine companies how to deal with customers.  Thanks, Again."

Bob C., FL 

OFX4R - Ray C., (via E-mail)
"I have recently installed a OFX4 blade 19 pitch prop and a 6" Bob's jack plate on my 08 21' Cobia with a Yamaha 200 HP HPDI. I love them. I should have put the prop and jack plate on when I bought it new 3 years ago. The boat gets up quicker, handles better, and is able to get up in about 16" of water. I am very impressed with the performance."

OFX4R19PCLY200, 2008 Cobia 21 Bay, Yamaha 200 HPDI, Bob's 6" jackplate

RAF3 - Dennis H., CO
"You recommend that I try a RAF 15 on my boat. I received it and tested it. I couldn't be happier. It does everything that I wanted a prop to do. Great hole shot. 5600 RPM 36.3 Miles per hour (5000' Altitude, full load). I don't think it can do any better than that.
Thanks for your help."

RAF3R15PVT145, 2010 Alumacraft Dominator (full windshield)

MQS4R - Randy T., (via E-mail)
"... I did purchase the MQS4 and Oh My God, what a beauty!!! It did everything well and I can’t thank you enough for being so patient and helping me along the way."

MQS4R20PCLM200, Tracker Tahoe, 4.3 Mercruiser, 190HP

On our Technical Support - Naoum G., Greece
"First of all I would like to thank you for your fast response and your time. I really appreciate the fact that you are trying to be honest rather than just sell a propeller."

Olmypic 4.9m, Yamaha F60
(Technical support assessed that the boat was performing well with present propeller, and advised that the purchase of a new propeller was unnecessary.)

OFS4 - John, R., (CCA certificate winner)
"I have to tell you that I was on the water today and it was a little rough but the boat performed flawlessly. As we had discussed the rpms are there as well as the fuel consumption is very minimal. Out of the hole it is perfect up and gone no slippage, just perfect. Just wanted to say thankyou for all the time and effort to make this a very happy day for me..."

OFS4R/L15PCLY200, Contender 28, Yamaha F150

On our Customer Service - Kevin M., (via E-mail)
"It is refreshing to correspond with someone who truly understands the term "Customer Service"! Thanks for all your assistance."

Kevin M., (via E-mail)

OFS4R - Herman F., (via E-mail)
"There were a lot of positives that came out of the OFS prop. The speed was nice, as was the hole shot. The getting it up and keeping it up on plane were probably the most appealing (as we are some times dealing with fairly heavy seas where you have to watch your speed), in addition to getting the motor working in its optimal operating range. I really appreciate the service from Power Tech and actually had a fellow Ranger owner buy one of your prop's after I was praising your accolades. Nothing like superior customer service to make a company shine. Keep up the good work."

Grady White 208 Adventurer, Honda 225, OFS 4R 15

OFX4 - Rusty M., (via E-mail)
"Thank you again for allowing me to take advantage of the PowerTech exchange program. The new 21 pitch OFX prop is perfect. Getting 53 MPH @ 5800 RPM WOT with 3/4 tank of fuel (45+ gallons) and 2 of us....plus lots 'O' gear, ice, 10 gallons fresh water wash down & "stuff". I'm sure it'll hit 55+ with a light load. Hole shot & mid range punch is outstanding. Feels like my wife's Z06. Well... almost. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER."

OFX4R21PCLY200, Pathfinder 2200XL, Yam F250

OFS4 - Stigolof L., Finland
"I have done 4 hours with the new prop. Difference is huge when we look at the fuel consumption. The boat performs very well - stable on turns and good acceleration with just 8 seconds from 0 to 20 knots, even top speed is good at 5500 rpm."

OFS4R16PCLH200, MV Marin 6600 FC, Honda BF 135

OFS4 - Joe W., (via E-mail)

"...just like to provide you an update as to how the OFS4R16 prop performed. It still lifted the bow of my Crownline boat up high but seemed to plane quicker than before. The way this prop grabs the water when turning is fantastic…I love the way I have a better turn radius."

OFS4R16PCLV200, Crownline , Volvo SX

OFS4 - Dave C., (via E-mail)
"I ran the numbers through an online calculator and slippage is now 13% compared to the 32% I was getting with my old prop....a huge improvement which I'm sure will be reflected in a similarly huge improvement in fuel economy....even if fuel economy isn't that much better, overall handling and cruising speed is way better already."

Grady White 2466 Explorer WA, Yamaha 250, OFS 4R 15

RXB4 - Lars H., Denmark
"...the response of the prop was instantaneous when the boat was on plane at correct RPM’s. There was no lag like the other prop. When sitting from a stationary position the acceleration was unbelievable the stern sat down, got grip and took off - you really had to hold on."

RXB4R15PYM90, Tornado 5.8m Dive Boat, Yam F115

SFS4 - John C. (via E-mail)
"Got the boat out finally yesterday, very noticeable difference, looks like a good all-around fit. The bite and stern lift are noticable.The boat used to struggle out of the hole requiring a lot of throttle. Now it slides right up and out with much less drama and much less gas, and if I hammer it you better be holding on. Holding plane at low speeds is noticeably better and top end is actually improved as the engine can now rev out fully. It feels more "connected" to the water and less bow-happy and no porpoising."

Bayliner Discovery 192, 4.3L Mercruiser, SFS 4R 21

On our Customer Service - Dave F.
"This entire experience speaks volumes to the quality of your staff and the attention to detail that provides an excellent product and experience."

Dave F., Boca Raton, FL

OFX4 - Andres B., South America
"I just had the chance to test the PROP. The imrprovement is impresive. It planes en seconds and it gets out of the water like a bullet at 4000 rpm 46 mph 11 GPH at 5800 rpm 64.4 mph.  jejjeej I'm really happy with the prop. Thanx!"

OFX4R, 1994 Hewes LT20, Evinrude 250 Etec H.O.

On our Technical Support - Stuart C, France
"I saw a thread on The Hull Truth that raved about you. And I wasn't disappointed. Cheers!"

Stuart C., France

TRO4 - Robert C., NC
"It is with great appreciation that I am very pleased with my propellor and have had a chance to do some real world testing in terms of mileage. After almost 162 gallons running this prop I have gained almost 16% in fuel mileage in terms of nautical miles. I have 4% slip on my ranger 188vx and 175hpdi.  My driving style has not changed as I am not cruising around at 3500 rpms. The handling and overall change in the boat has been tremendous. Many thanks to Marcus for all of your help."

TRO4R22PCLY150, Ranger 188VX, Yamaha 175 HPDI

BRA3 - Barrett P. (via E-mail)

"Thanks for the fast response. Couldn't be happier other than a light wallet, you guys will be the first choice on my list if I neeed anymore props. Thanks for sifting through my typing, computer skills are quite lacking. Thanks again."

BRA3R17SM400, Osprey 22, Mercruiser I/O

SCD3 - David E., GA
"I just thought I would let you know, I hit 42mph on the GPS at 5250 rpm at 80 degrees, flat freshwater, no wind in the Old Bayfisher and old 125 Mariner the other day. I got the prop almost a year ago now.  The holeshot is excellent.  All in all, I think this propeller is the best investment I have made in my boat.  Thanks for the help!"

SCD3, '95 18' Bayfisher, 125 Mariner

On Technical Support - Steven D., AL
"I've spent the majority of my adult life in Marine aviation and seldom have had an opportunity to speak with some one that is on top of their game in a technical sense. The pleasure was all mine. Thanks."

SCE4R19PCLY200, 2000 Bay Ranger, F150

On our Customer Service - Dave F., FL
"I reached out to your company directly. This turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I spoke with Marcus Clements who turned out to be VERY knowledgeable in the theory behind the propellers and was able to help me troubleshoot the issue.  It is this kind of outstanding customer support that will have me recommending and purchasing PowerTech props moving forward. I can’t say enough about the outstanding support I received from Marcus. I found him to be responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to help resolve a customer sat issue that was caused by a third party. This entire experience speaks volumes to the quality of your staff and the attention to detail that provides an excellent product and experience.

Hats off."

Dave F., FL

On our Technical Support - Joe R., FL
"I hope this does the trick I sure am impressed with the time and thought that you have givin this matter."

Dale C.'s Hewes 16 Redfisher, Yamaha F115

On our Technical Support - Terry S., FL
"Thanks for the insight. To someone like myself who has no experience to draw on it really means a great deal to have such a valuable resource. I will keep you posted. Thanks again, Terry."

OFX3R19PCLY200, 2008 Pathfinder 2200V, Yamaha F150

On our Reputation - Ariel D. (via E-mail)
"I have heard of PT through other Honda owners as being THE props for Honda. In fact Pt is mentioned on Honda perf bulletins and boat tests as the prop of choice. Since you guys work with Honda maybe you or someone you think might know could answer.  Thanks again!"

Dusky 233, Honda BF225

On our Website - Filippo C., Italy (via E-mail)

"VERY VERY VERY VERY COMPLIMENTS for your NEW SITE!!!!!  Wonderful!!!!!"

Filippo C., Italy

OFX4 - Charlie S. (from the internet)
"Put the OFX prop on and really made a difference . Hole shot is fine, picked up 4-5 mph, and cavitation [lack of] much improved. Thanks again for your help."

OFX4R16PCLY200, Pathfinder Tunnel, 150 Vmax

OFX4 - Mike P., GA
"I picked the new 2200xl/F250 up today with the OFX4R21 and could not be any happier with the combo. You nailed the prop for the rig. RPMs match the speed (4500 is 45mph, 5500 is 55). It revs out at 6100rpm and is running 60mph. No slipping, no porposing, no cavation and power on command. Thanks for your help."

OFX4R21PCLY200, 2009 Pathfinder 220XL, F250

OFS4 - Tom B., (via E-mail)
"Total satisfaction. Great holeshot and still running top speed of 50 MPH and 6100 RPM WOT. Makes me wonder why anyone would even start to run the 3 blade 23P that came with the boat. Again Thanks...I'm spreading the word."

OFS4R19PCLY200, Scout 240 Bay, F250

On the Funky Monkey - Steven D., AL
"Spent some time navigating the mbcboats web site last night and must say that it's quite impressive. The more I looked, the more evident it became that the "Funky Monkey" champions quite an effort to assist ANYONE looking for the optimum set up. Without your hard work, those looking for genuine assistance would either go broke buying props from dealers without a clue or just never realize what performance was available from their rigs.  Bravo to you Marcus..........You are the genuine article."

SCE4R19PCLY200, 2000 Bay Ranger, F150

OFX4 - Chad J. (from MBC forum)
"For christmas my wife bought me a ofx4 21 for my century 2202 with the help of Ryan. The boat rides great with it. It has done exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!"

OFX4R21PCLY200, 2006 Century 2202, Yamaha F250, Bob's 10" Jackplate

OFX4 - William, TX (from MBC forum)
"I push your props and service every chance I get. I have been VERY VERY VERY pleased with my OFX4, PT's reputation, and your expertise and friendship!  THOSE ARE ALL HARD THINGS TO COME BY THESE DAYS!"

OFX4R20PCLY200, Pathfinder 2200V, Vmax 200 HPDI, Bob's Jackplate