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About PowerTech!
PowerTech! Marine Propellers is a 32-year-old, American-owned company that specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of, both, stainless steel propellers and aluminum propellers for the marine industry. We are known for our quality, performance and innovation, and proudly offer one of the largest selections of stainless steel propellers in the industry, as well as, a full line of aluminum offerings.

PowerTech! began life as a small production shop in 1986 in Shreveport, Louisiana, catering to the need for more durable, higher performance propellers for smaller outboard applications. As time progressed, we realized that this need was not strictly limited to these smaller applications, and that there was an even greater need for propeller specialization in the larger applications, as well. From that point forward, PowerTech! began focusing on propeller and hub design innovation, creating such products as the patented CushionLok hub system that has revolutionized the industry and has garnered acclaim from, both, customers and competitors, alike. Now, with over 400,000 propellers in service and continued double-digit sales growth, PowerTech! has grown into an internationally recognized market leader through innovation, performance, quality and customer service.

Along with our many standard, all-purpose designs, PowerTech! is well known for our specialty propellers that are available in almost every motor range, including semi-cleavers, double-cups, triple-cups, pontoon/workboat props, 4- and 5-blades, and the like. From the all-purpose to the exotic, ranging from 9.25” diameter (9.9 hp) up to 18.5” diameter (Bravo II) fitments, we offer a wide variety of blade geometries and configurations, so that we might handle the many and varied performance needs of our customers.

In order to make best use of our extensive product line, PowerTech! offers one-of-a-kind technical service to help our customers select the propeller that best suits their performance needs. Our staff of professionals field phone calls and e-mails from around the world, every day, analyzing the customer’s performance, comparing it to the customer’s performance wishes, wants and needs, and then matching it to the most appropriate propeller from our product offerings. This way, not only do we ensure that the customer gets the right tool for the right job, but we also help to educate the customer as to why, and how, a propeller functions.

PowerTech! offers the same technical service after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction. We encourage our PowerTech! family members to call and report their performance data to our technical staff. If the customer’s performance goals have been met, we will enter the performance data in our performance database, so that we may increase our knowledge base. If, however, the customer is not satisfied, we use the performance data to determine the appropriate replacement propeller through our 30-day pitch exchange program (Within the first 30 days of ownership, we will exchange a propeller for a propeller of equal value and different pitch for a nominal fee. The prop must be in “like new” condition, with no dings, nicks nor scratches.).

At PowerTech!, our goal is to provide the best product quality, performance, selection and customer service in the industry. As we strive to improve our products and offer customer service before, during and after the sale, we hope to continue to welcome more happy PowerTech! family members to the fold.

About PowerTech!
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