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PowerStop! Reverse Thrust Propeller Offers Safety and Control

PowerStop! Reverse Thrust Propeller Offers Safety and Control

PowerTech!’s new PowerStop! reverse thrust propeller provides new levels of control without diminishing the boat’s overall performance.  This new design (patent pending) incorporates unique cupping on, both, leading and trailing edges to improve stopping, backing, and maneuvering performances. 

While traditionally cupped propellers are designed with only forward motion in mind, and previous, reverse-cupped propellers have been designed with only rearward motion in mind, PowerTech!’s new PowerStop! is designed to work in BOTH directions.  With cupping faired into the underside of the leading edge and an aft-tapered cup incorporated at the top of the trailing edge, the PowerStop! retains grip and control, whether moving forward, or backward.  In testing, stopping distances and reverse thrust improvements of up to 300% were indicated. What this means to the boater is better control and greater safety, whether in open water, or maneuvering in the tight confines of a marina, or crowded dock. 

The PowerStop! is presently available in aluminum propellers for E-class motors, from 150-300 hp, and in 15.5” x 11”, 15.5” x 12”, and 15.5” x 13”.